Introducing GRAY-NICOLLS' PLAY NOW innovation

GRAY-NICOLLS continues to be at the forefront of innovation with the latest PLAY NOW concept set to change the cricket landscape across Australia and New Zealand.

PLAY NOW will result in a number of specific bats across our 2022-23 range being pre-prepared (pressed, oiled and hand knocked in), allowing them to be used straight off the shelf upon purchasing. 

The bats will have a extratec facing on them and will have their toe protected with either shoe goo or a toe guard.

This differs to our READY PLAY concept which only has partial preparatory work done and still needs some knocking in.

If you’ve broken a bat at the final weekly training ahead of the weekend’s games or have no time during the week to prepare your bat for match play, then the PLAY NOW concept is for you.

You can even purchase a GRAY-NICOLLS PLAY NOW bat on the same day as a match, head straight to the ground and walk out to the middle with your brand new bat.

Our PLAY NOW bats for this summer include the Prestige, Cobra 1750, Cobra 1250, Cobra 950, Vapour 950, Vapour 750.

“We are extremely proud of the PLAY NOW addition to the GRAY-NICOLLS range in 2022-23,” Brand Manager Justin Lampard explained.

“It will be the only bat range in the entire Australian and New Zealand market that is completely knocked in and ready for match use straight off the shelf.

“With plenty of time pressures in day-to-day life, this exciting change to the cricket landscape makes buying a bat a breeze, allowing for no hinderance to performance on the field.”

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