GRAY-NICOLLS launches 2023/24 Range

GRAY-NICOLLS Australia/New Zealand is proud to announce the 2023/24 Range is here!

GRAY-NICOLLS Australia/New Zealand will once again revolutionise cricket with a major focus on new technologies and female products for season 2023/24.

Following on from a highly successful 2022/23, GRAY-NICOLLS Australia/New Zealand will continue to be the home of the biggest and best gear for all players in the Southern Hemisphere.

This summer will bring in new innovations - including a historic 50th Year Anniversary Bat, a Scoop Pro Balance bat and the widest range of female specific products on the market.

The 50th Anniversary Bat has proudly been crafted to celebrate GRAY-NICOLLS’ 50 years of being Australian Made, with two models handcrafted in our Melbourne Bat Mill.

The Scoop Pro Balance bat has been created by Head Bat Maker Stuart Kranzbuhler and provides exceptional power, with an iconic scoop shape at the bottom of the bat.

“GRAY-NICOLLS Australia/New Zealand continues to be the home of Tradition, Innovation and Performance,” Brand Manager Justin Lampard said.

“We are very excited by our newest additions to the range, including the coveted 50th Anniversary Bat to celebrate our 50 years of being Australian Made, as well as the Scoop Pro Balance bat created by Stuart.

“With the Astro joining the range, GRAY-NICOLLS continues to move its focus into new areas and celebrate the growth of female cricket in the world.

“We are proud to be the home of female cricket and provided the biggest range for players to take their game to the next level by using the most appropriate gear.”

GRAY-NICOLLS Australia/New Zealand will introduce the Astro, the newest product in the range, which features a striking red design with specific gloves and pads available in Narrow Fit sizing - the preferred sizing option of our international women’s players.

“I wear the Narrow Fit gloves and having a narrow hands myself, it has a nice slim and comfort feel and makes it easy to grip the bat. It’s a really nice initiative from GRAY-NICOLLS,” Australian Women’s All-Rounder Tahlia McGrath said.

“It’s pretty special to be part of a brand who puts so much emphasis on the women’s aspect and narrow fit, to make it comfortable for us out on the park.

“I remember playing junior cricket with gear that was way too big for me, trying to run between the wickets with pads that were about three sizes too big, so now that GRAY-NICOLLS has fixed that problem, it is awesome for junior cricketers and female cricketers coming through the ranks.”

To complement the all-new Astro, Scoop Pro Balance and 50th Anniversary Bats, our traditional handcrafted bats, VAPOUR, SUPRA (with a fresh stickering update), NOVA & COBRA remain in the range for this summer, giving fans around Australia and New Zealand plenty of options to craft their legacy from the grassroots to the elite level.

Our PLAY NOW concept revolutionised cricket last year and will remain on select models, giving cricketers the ability to purchase online or in store and head straight to the nets or the ground and use their favourite GRAY-NICOLLS bat.

The ever-popular Custom Bat Builder will too return this season as GRAY-NICOLLS continues to push the boundaries and ensure players can perform at their best using the best available products on the market.


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