50 Years of GRAY-NICOLLS in Australia

Season 2023-24 is a significant date in the long history of GRAY-NICOLLS.

This summer, GRAY-NICOLLS will celebrate 50 Years of operations in Australia.

GRAY-NICOLLS started making bats in Melbourne, Australia in 1973, as an extension of a long history dating back to 1876 in Robertsbridge, UK.

Our 50 years of Australian bat production has seen some revolutionary ideas and bat shaping concepts brought to life.

“We are proud of continuing the traditions of making the very best bat. Making the best quality at the fairest price for every cricketer to use,” Director Nick Gray said.

“I’m hugely proud (of the 50 Year achievement). It would not happen without great employees and team members in that time.

“We loved making the original Ultimate cricket bat, the E41, launching the Legend and the Legend series, (as well as) meeting wonderful players.”

GRAY-NICOLLS continues to remain strong to the ethos of tradition, innovation and performance, with the 2023-24 season set to be the biggest yet with an Ashes Series and 50-Over World Cup ahead.

"Players across Australia and New Zealand continue to want to be aligned with GRAY-NICOLLS because of the premium nature of the gear and our Melbourne Bat Mill providing a service like no other brand in the Southern Hemisphere," Brand Manager Justin Lampard said.

"We are proud to be Australian Made with all of our players bats and a large amount of retail bats being handcrafted in Melbourne, along with having the biggest array of women's specific products in the market.

"With a strong focus on sustainability - replanting two trees for every tree chopped down - the next 50 years is sure to be strong for all cricketers."

To highlight the 50 year milestone, GRAY-NICOLLS has commissioned a video to relive the outstanding achievement. 

To celebrate the milestone, GRAY-NICOLLS will also release a Special Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Bat. 

“The Bat has a long even profile with a high spine, with the long red GRAY-NICOLLS sticker a throwback to the original bats of the 1970s,” Head Bat Maker Stuart Kranzbuhler said.

“The 50th Anniversary bat has a light pickup and a rounded face, making it a fantastic option for players looking for a modern twist on a vintage bat.

“It is available in two models – 5 Star which is using Grade 1 willow and Extra Special which is using Grade 3 willow – and typically comes in a weight range of 2.9 and 2.11.”

The 50th Anniversary Bat is available now in retailers and online.

This is the first of many exciting releases that GRAY-NICOLLS will celebrate over the summer.


  • Garry Mitchell

    I batted with a GN for 30+ years (Giant). The first GN bat I bought as the Treasurer of our local club and after scoring a lot of runs with the Giant I was graded and as our club didn’t have a local A grade side I was forced to change clubs and had to purchase my own bat. I used my new Giant for the next 25 years until I retired. Thanks GN.

  • Rakesh Parmar

    My boys aged 11 and 14years refuse to use any other kit / brand besides Gray-Nicolls! Here’s to 50not out and going strong!
    All the way from Zimbabwe

  • Greg Medcraft

    I’ve always been a GN lover as it suits my needs as a cricketer. I cannot wait to see the Special Limited Edition 50 years bat in store.
    Congratulations on a fantastic project that will bring the game of cricket to a new level, performance is key to success. Again congrats on achieving a milestone 👍

  • Patrick Chisholm

    Changed to Gray Nicolls in the 2021/22 season and honestly loved their gear, service and variety. Congrats on 50 years as this deserves a modest raise of the bat. Hopefully 50 or more years to come!!!

  • Angus

    I’ve waited years for this sticker design to come back my old man have a cavalier that I still have and always wanted a new one of my own pitty I can’t afford it at the moment but one day hopefully I can get my own

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